We make cider from spare unwanted garden apples and pears. We share the juice with those who give us the fruit. We aim to get half the weight of the fruit out as cider. In simple terms 10 kilos of apples makes about 5 litres of cider. This year the returns in cider will be as follows - 40% back free as still 6% bag in box cider - 5 litre boxes (dry or medium) or 20% back free as carbonated 500ml 5% bottled cider. The return for paid Premium Memberships are 50% (still boxed cider and 25% carbonated bottled cider respectively.

All cider is blended and mixed and represents the whole harvest from a single year. In practise, registered members bring their apples down to us at Unit 10 Coopers place during opening hours Mon-Fri.  The fruit will be weighed and checked for viability (we can’t take rotten or unripe fruit), once weighed a receipt will be emailed to the registered account.  

It is therefore essential that you are registered through the website before coming down, and if already registered that your email address is current.

Those wishing to pay for a Premium Membership from the web-site will also be able to deliver apples on Saturdays as well as receiving an increased cider quota.

We aim to get you cider back to you at the end of the following Spring.

Our full Terms and Conditions are available on the REGISTER page, they have changed so please read them  before coming down.