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To take part in 2021 

Maintain Social Distancing on site


If you are new to the scheme please register as a member using the apple  button on the bottom of this page.


Once registered and as soon as we open for apples you are free to come down with you apples and pears.

All fruit must be in good condition, if you are in any doubt over the condition a good test is whether you would be willing to eat it!





When you arrive the fruit will be weighed and a receipt for the fruit delivered and the potential return in cider the following year will be emailed to you.  You can come as often as you wish with fruit during the season, and each time you do come your total for the season will increase.  By the end of the season you will have a receipt listing all the deliveries and the total volume of cider you can get back the following year.


The cider return is worked out like this:

We assume we can get 50% of the weight of the fruit out as juice which we can turn into cider.

Therefore 100KG's of apples makes 50L of cider.

The 50L are split between TGCC and you.  

If you wish to take back bottled and carbonated cider you get back 20% of the cider - 10L (20x 500ml bottles)

If you wish to take back still cider in a Bag-in-box then you get back 40% of the cider - 20L


You can pay to become a Premium Member through the website shop page. If you do so you will get back incresed percentages 25% and 50%.